The Power of Order

Greetings and blessings to you.

Today we will consider some insights about the Power of Order.

The power of Order is the Divine faculty and ability to sequence, balance and harmonize the unfolding of our Divine good. Order is represented by the color olive green, located in the navel and personified by the Apostle James.

Divine Order empowers me with peace and patience as I persevere purposefully into my evolving truth and unfolding good.

In the order of experience and expression, Divine truth precedes Divine good in us and our life. From within to without, as we evolve more fully into the realization of our Divine truth, Divine good unfolds into material manifestation. This is the law of our being and becoming: You reap what you sow. First, we sow and then we reap. The Divine truth sown in our fertile loving hearts, by Divine law and order, flowers and fruits into a harvest of material good in our lives.

Each of the Twelve Powers are eternal principles of truth, and infinite practices of good. Each Divinely appointed and empowered with the purpose of producing truth in our heart and good in our life. Order desires to bless us with the ease and grace of sequence, balance and harmony.

We attune ourselves to Order through meditation, affirm the truth of Order through prayer, and apply Order to ourselves and our lives through what we say and do, thereby Order empowers us with peace, patience and perseverance in the inside evolution of our truth and the unfolding of our good.

As the truth of Order realizes in us we come into a fuller understanding of the lawfully and orderly unfolding process of manifesting our material good. Greater clarity dawns in us to our connection and collaboration with the presence and power of creative Spirit. We see more clearly, and believe more fully, what is God’s and what is ours to do. Hereby we align ourselves with the Divine purpose of Order and become collaborators in its promise to bless us, our lives, and the world through us.

Order is a Divine principle finds faculty, ability and power within us. As a Divine principle Order is absolute, perfect and complete. We experience and express this order to the degree that we are faithful in our daily practice to attune to it in meditation, affirm it in prayer, and align our words and actions with it.

May we one and all, open our hearts today, more fully to Divine Order this week. In all that we endeavor may we be aligned with the Power of Order in thought, word and action, and may Order guide us, step by step, living, learning and growing, with peace, patience and perseverance, into our eternal, infinite and ever unfolding Divine Good. And so it is!

Until next week, the blessing and bounty of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte.