The Power of Won't

Greetings and blessings to you.

The Power of Won’t is the Power of Will to release all that hinders our desire and decision to devote ourselves to the discipline of Divine truth and the determined demonstration of Divine good.

“I am willing and willful, able and empowered to deny error and demonstrate my Divine good.”

It is first the awareness and realization of Divine truth within that demonstrates Divine good without. When we say yes to Divine truth we open our hearts to our inherent desire for Divine good, first in us, our lives and in the world. When we say no to error ideas and beliefs we release that which hinders and hassles the demonstration of our Divine good.

Desire is the invitation of the Divine for each of us to responsible and active participants in the demonstration of our good. We change the consciousness of our being and the circumstances of our lives by willing and willful decision, commitment and determination to deny and say no, I won’t to error, and affirm and say yes, I will to truth.

Cleansing and releasing error from our consciousness creates sacred space for the understanding and knowing of truth to return to our awareness and to our consciousness. Charles Fillmore taught that denial, saying no and won’t to error is the process of erasing from consciousness the false beliefs of the sense mind. Denial clears away belief in error as reality and thus makes room for the establishing of Truth.

The power of won’t is the initial step we take from away from bondage to error and toward the liberation of truth. As we deny and declare that we won’t be held in bondage to error we are liberated to affirm and align ourselves with truth. Herein is the promise of Divine truth and the prophecy of Divine good fulfilled.

Error disables and disempowers our Divine good. It limits our awareness oneness with the Divine and the purpose of Divine truth to be realized in us and the power of Divine good to be demonstrated through us. As we deny and release error we are rebirthed in the awareness of truth and awakened to our spiritual purpose and power to be activists for the demonstration of Divine good in the world.

The power of Will is the ability to decide, choose and commit. It is the ability to be responsible and response-able for the determined demonstration of our individual and collective Divine good. When we live with spiritual response-ability we acknowledge and accept that the decisions and choices we make have consequences, and we are devoted and determined in our choice of truth and the consequences of good.

It is often said that to make a decision is to exercise the power of choice. I like that description as it indicates to me an invitation to be an active participant in the demonstration of truth and good in our lives, and in the world. The Merriam-Webster definition of exercise in part says: “the regular or repeated use of a faculty; exertion for the sake of developing; something performed or practiced in order to develop, improve, or display a specific capability or skill.”

The realization of truth in your heart and the demonstration of good in your life requires exercise, practice and participation. It is a journey of ever increasing ability and unfolding good. It requires us to execute the power of Will and be willing, willful, decided and devoted to truth and determined in our demonstration of good.

Charles Fillmore taught: “When spiritual words abide in man's consciousness, the word or thought formed in intellectual and sense mind must give way to the higher principles of Being. The whole consciousness is then raised to a more spiritual plane. Affirmations of words or of Truth realized in consciousness bring the mind into just the right attitude to receive light, and power, and guidance from Spirit.” The power of our word is the power of spiritual increase or decrease. What we say yes to, we affirm, and what we affirm we enable, empower and increase. What we say no to, we deny, and what we deny we disable, disempower and decrease. We are encouraged to be single minded and determined in our decision for truth and our devotion to good. In the teaching of Jesus: “Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’” Matthew 5:37.

With daily prayer and practice let us come to be expert facilitators of the power of Will and the ability to say yes, I will, and no, I won’t; decided and devoted to Divine truth, and determined in the demonstration of our individual and collective Divine good.

“I am willing and willful, able and empowered to deny error and demonstrate my Divine good.”

Until next week, the blessing and bounty of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte.