Christmas 2017: Behold the Christ

A very Merry Christmas greeting and blessing to you.

With the celebration of our Christmas Eve service this past Sunday, at Unity of Fort Myers, we come to the conclusion of the 2017 Advent season and our Keeping a True Advent. What a true gift and blessing this Christmas has been bringing into clarity so many blessings to celebrate.

In the spirit of Keeping a True Advent I am reminded and thereby rebirthed in the awareness of Divine presence and power to behold, believe and become the Christ I Am. This unfolding realization gifts me with the true essence of Christmas and I am filled with thanks, thank-full, for the love, hope, peace and joy, unfolding in me and my life. My sincere prayer for you is that you too can claim this as your blessed Christmas experience.

In my personal prayerful contemplations I have revisited the meaning of Christmas, and the spiritual principle and practice of a True Advent. For me it comes down to the sacred text of John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” It comes to me that the essence of Christmas is the loving, gracious, and generous gift of God to one and all of the Christ. In this the infinite grace and good of God is fully demonstrated. In Christ God has gifted to us all that there is to give, and a life blessed with Divine purpose and power: to behold, believe and become the authentic experience and expression of our Christ truth, our Christ-ness. What a Christmas gift, what love, what hope, what peace and joy; my soul sings, my heart fills with joy and thanksgiving.

In Christ God has given and gifted to us all the Divine treasure there is to give. The gift of the Christ has been fully and freely given to one and all. If we find ourselves not fully experiencing and expressing the infinite Divine potential and possibility of our Christ-ness then it is in the receiving that we are lacking. We receive the Christ gift as we live daily with the intention to behold, believe and become the authentic experience and expression of our Christ-ness. This is effected by living intentionally from the 12 Powers of the Christ: faith, strength, wisdom, love, power, imagination, understanding, will, order, zeal, elimination and life. In this we give glory to God in the receiving of the Divine gift of the Christ, and in turn regift the Christ as us to the world. In the regifting of the Christ as individually and uniquely ourselves, we gift to others and all, the best and highest good we have to give, and we fulfill the spirit and a True Advent and Christmas. In this way going forward every day is Christmas.

God’s bounty of blessings to you and all as you endeavor to regift your Christ-ness to the world. I’ve included some Divine word affirmation for a fuller claiming of the 12 Powers of the Christ. May these be fully realized in you, demonstrated through you and manifested in blessing to the world.

A very Merry Christmas and Christ-ness New Year to all.

Rev. Clive deLaporte