The High Calling of Love

Greetings and blessings to you.

This week we return to the topic of my White Stone word, spiritual attitude and intention for 2018: Love. The more I return to the reflection and contemplation of love I am convinced that the intention for love, loving kindness and loveliness will inspire an aspiration, a high calling for truth and good, in us individually and through us collectively in our world.

Last week we talked about the Divine power of strength and our ability to persevere, endure and accomplish. With most things in the arena of human achievement, perseverance is the path and process to accomplishment. As we persevere we live and learn and grow. And in our growing we are blessed with a greater unfolding, through experience and expression, of our infinite Divine potential. Each life experience offering us the timeless treasure of being a stepping stone to a deeper truth and a higher good.

There is a process to the flowering of Divine truth in us and the harvest of Divine good in our lives. We first prepare the soil of our hearts, sow the seeds of truthful thinking, speaking and doing, thereby cultivating the tree of life. Then in its Divinely appointed season truth flowers to beautify us, and fruits into a harvest of good.

And so, we persevere in the high calling of love.

The power of Love is our ability to desire, to attract, to come in the union and harmony of oneness with God, ourselves and each other.

“Love is the magic that transforms all things into power and beauty. It brings plenty out of poverty, power out of weakness, loveliness out of deformity, sweetness out of bitterness, light out of darkness, and produces all blissful conditions out of its own substantial essence.” James Allen

It is love that transforms our knowledge, experience and abilities into wisdom. It is love that empowers us to release judgment and receive wisdom as we endeavor to be helpful and not hurtful to each other as we journey together on the path of this life.

It is love that enables our Divine truth and love empowers our Divine good. In our human interaction when we connect, communicate and collaborate in love, we enable what is true and empower what is good. The acronym for love, L.O.V.E. – Love LISTENS; Love OBSERVES; Love VALIDATES; Love EMPOWERS. Love listens for truth and good; Love observes for truth and good; Love validates truth and Love empowers our mutual good.

Love has no interest in judgment. Judgment doesn’t listen for truth; Judgment doesn’t observe for truth; Judgment doesn’t validate truth; Judgment doesn’t empower our good. Judgment destroys what is true and good by afflicting blame and shame. Judgment separates us from the truth and good of our oneness with God, ourselves and each other.


An Opinion of You by Rev. Clive deLaporte

To travel the road you’ve come, and walk a mile in your shoes.

To bear the load you carry, the weight of the burdens you choose.

To share the pain of your sufferings, and the joy of the hope that you cherish.

To face the fears that challenge you, and know the courage of your victories.

To walk for a time beside you and hear of God’s hand in your life.

To see the world through your eyes and glimpse the ideals for which you strive.

All this, and so much more, I’m surely responsible to do,

Before I’m tempted to sit in judgment and offer my opinion of you.

Let us accept the high calling of love and not judge each other. Let us accept the high calling of love and help each other. Let us communicate and collaborate together in love, listening for truth and good, observing for truth and good, validating truth and good, empowering truth and good, in and for each other and our world.


The principle of love is in my heart; The practice of love, my attitude and intention; The power of love goes before me, into my day, preparing the way, for my unfolding good.

Until next week, the blessing and bounty of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte