Let It Be

Greetings and blessing to you.

This week we explore the spiritual principle and practice of letting go and letting God. Our service this Sunday was a message and music combo, also a tribute to the music of the Beatles.

Guided by Divine Wisdom I let go, and let Divine good, come to be.

Consider that we take Spirit to be the consciousness of perfect and infinite potential and know Spirit to be the eternal substance, source and supply of our perfect good. In the dimension of Spirit, all that can be, already is, and this good is ready, willing and able to be. To the degree that we let go and connect, let go and communicate, let go and collaborate with the creative consciousness of Spirit, to that degree do we experience and express the potential for perfect good in us and our lives.

So far this year we have explored the spiritual powers of Faith, Strength and for this month, the power of Wisdom. These Twelve Powers are twelve faculties and abilities of the soul for empowering the Christ in and through us. In Unity we take the Christ to be the sacred and divine image and likeness of God in everyone, the promise of the absolute potential and possibility for perfect good.

Centered in Wisdom, Divine desire directs us, and Divine disappointment redirects us daily, in the development of our truth and unfolding of our good. Trusting Wisdom empowers us to release what hinders and receive what helps us, so that when we find ourselves in times of trouble, Christ awareness comes, speaking words of Wisdom, let it be.

Love is our ability and power for the union and harmony of oneness. Faith, and Strength, and Wisdom prepare our minds, our hearts, and our lives for the connection and collaboration of Love. Herein the Divine order and wisdom of the Twelve Powers is revealed. Innate in us is the desire for Divine truth and good. This desire, guided by wisdom, directs us to want, and to will what is true and good, to come to be, to let it be.

Love births, nurtures and nourishes the Christ truth within. Love evolves, unfolds and manifests the Divine good without. From the Christ truth within to the Divine good without, love guides discernment into wisdom, and the choosing to let it be.

The Son of God is the Light and Love of the Christ within us. Born and birthing as the source and supply of our Divine good. As we let go and let be, we release doubt and receive discernment, and the wisdom, the light and love of Christ consciousness, dawns and rises up in us.

As the sun gives life to the natural word, so the Divine Son, the Light of Christ consciousness gives Life to us and Divine Life our desire for truth and good. And as the day of faith follows the night of doubt, so the Light of the Christ empowers us to look forward into a year of bold intentions, and to see the coming of our Divine good, the coming of our Christ, and with joyful gratitude to know … Here comes the Son … and it’s alright!

Guided by Divine Wisdom I let go, and let Divine good, come to be.

Until next week, the bountiful blessing of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte