The Power of Faith

Greetings and blessings to you.

This week we continue our theme for the month of January and the exploring of a deeper awareness and fuller understanding of the power of Faith.

More and more every day, more and more in every way, I am blessed by Faith to see, with awe and wonder, the Divine abundance of infinite potential and possibility.

The faculty, ability and power of faith comforts me in times of challenge. Strong in faith, we are assured to affirm that God is the one, the only, omnipotent Source and infinite Supply of our Divine good. Regardless of the personal circumstances of our life, the political and economic conditions in the world, for us strong and full in faith, faithful, there will be no shut down of the kingdom of God; no shut down of the ever ready, ever willing and ever able source and supply of our Divine good!

We have already come so far on our spiritual path and process for 2018. We have invited a remembering and rebirthing of our Christ awareness, our Christ-ness at Christmas. At our New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl service, immersed in and empowered by a deeper awareness of our Christ-ness and Christ consciousness, we have declared ourselves ready and able to release any error of 2017 that no longer serves our best and highest good. And then at our New Year’s White Stone service, again inspired and empowered by a greater unfolding of our Christ-ness, we declared ourselves ready and able to receive a fuller unfolding of our Divine good in 2018. We declared our releasing and receiving through the faithful expectation of our letters of intention and white stone words.

And now we return to the Divine faculty, ability and power of faith to empower us as we move more fully forward into 2018 and faithful intention and expectations of our best and highest good for the year.

Faith is a Divine Idea, perfect and complete, to fulfil its Divine purpose with power and prosperity. With faith all things are possible, for us, to the degree that we connect, communicate and collaborate with faith to fulfil its Divine purpose, with power and prosperity, in us and through us.

We have all the faith we need, all the faith we are ready to believe and receive. All the faith we need is every ready, ever present, ever willing and ever able. Faith never deserts us, it is we who abandon faith.

We are invited to have faith in faith as a Divine faculty, ability and power for realizing, demonstrating and manifesting the eternal infinite Divine potential and possibility of perfect good. Faith works, to the degree that we work it. Let Divine faith be faithful in and through you. Let Divine strength be strong in and through you. Let Divine wisdom be wise in and through you. Let Divine love be love, loving-kindness and loveliness in and through you. Connect and collaborate with your Divine abilities and powers and with ease and grace your Divine good will manifest. You are ready, you are worthy, and you are able.

Affirmation: Divine good, ever ready, comes to me, when by faith I see, believe and be.

“According to your faith let it be to you.” Matthew 9:29 NKJV

Until next week, the blessing and bounty of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte.