The Power of Will

Greetings and blessings to you.

“I am willing and willful, decided and determined to demonstrate my Divine good.”

Will is our inherent Divine faculty, ability and power to decide, choose, determine and execute. The color for Will is silver and the disciple that personifies Will is Matthew. It is by the principle and practice of Will that we are enabled and empowered to decide, be devoted, disciplined and dedicated to Divine truth, it is through the power of Will that we are determined in the demonstration of our Divine good.

Glenn Cunningham was a school boy who volunteered to come to school earlier than the rest of his class and light the fire to warm up the classroom for his classmates and teacher. On one particular morning the classmates and teacher arrived to find the school ablaze with fire and Glenn lying, badly burned but alive, a little away from the school.

After a time in hospital receiving treatment for his burns Glenn eventually recovered enough to be released to return home. Unfortunately his lower body was so badly burned that he would be confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk or pursue his sporting passion for running.

On sunny days his mother would wheeled him out into the yard to get some sunshine and fresh air. On one particular day, instead of just sitting there, he threw himself from the chair. He pulled himself across the grass, dragging his legs behind him. He worked his way to the white picket fence bordering their lot. With great effort, he raised himself up on the fence. Then, stake by stake, he began dragging himself along the fence, resolved that he would walk. He started to do this every day until he wore a smooth path all around the yard beside the fence.

Ultimately through daily massages of his legs and his persistence and resolute determination, he did develop the ability to stand up, then to walk haltingly, then to walk by himself – and then – to run. He began to walk to school, then to run to school, to run for the sheer joy of running. Later in college he made the track team.

In Madison Square Garden on June 16, 1934, Glenn Cunningham now a young medical doctor and athlete, the young man who was not expected to walk again, this determined young man, ran the world’s fastest mile ever to date in a time of 4:06.8 minutes!

It is through the power of Will that we are willing and willful. The power of Divine Will enables and empowers each of us to demonstrate the Divine good prepared for us to the degree that we are willing and willful, to be decided, committed, devoted, disciplined and determined to the demonstration of that good. of our Divine good.

When we are willed we say yes to that which is true and yes to that which is good. Will opens our heart to a willing and willful connection with the purpose and power of our Divine good, to come into realization in us and material manifestation through us.

This week we open our awareness and understanding to the blessing of Divine Will and willingly, willfully invite a greater unfolding of its presence and power in and through us, that we may be more decided, devoted, discipline and determined in the demonstration of our Divine good.

Until next week, the blessing and bounty of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte.