The Power of Wisdom

Greetings and blessing to you.

Welcome to our “The Power of Wisdom” Sunday celebration. To those attending our service, and to those reading my blog, we appreciate your presence and participation in our ministry. It’s a blessing to all.

This is a time of year when we align our spiritual awareness and practice to the “Keeping of a True Lent.” Charles Fillmore inspired a true Lent practice by teaching that “Lent is a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment … to lift us into a higher, purer, more spiritual state.” Wisdom as a Divine faculty and ability that empowers the progressive unfoldment of Divine truth, and the fuller manifestation of Divine good, is fundamental and instrumental to our True Lent practice.

Wisdom is our faculty, ability and power to discern, evaluate and choose. In the discerning and choosing of Divine truth we empower our Divine good to manifest in all aspects of life. It is firstly through the ability of discerning that we come into the conscious awareness of the eternal and infinite treasure of our Divine good. The dictionary defines discernment as the: “perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining understanding and direction.”

It was around 1867 that diamonds were discovered in Southern Africa. The urban legends goes that at that time an English prospector was traveling through Southern Africa looking for traces and evidence of minerals. In his travels he would from time to time overnight in a local village. One morning, after breakfast he was enjoying his first smoke of the day, and watching some of the village children playing a game similar to marbles. He noticed something familiar about the stones and pebbles they were using for marbles. With suddenly wakened discernment he realized that the children were playing with uncut diamonds. To the undiscerning eye an uncut diamond can look like a pebble. He approached the village elder and asked about the game the kids were playing. He asked about the pebbles and where they could be found. The elder explained that the children had an affinity to those particular pebbles for the game and found them laying freely throughout the fields. The prospector asked if he could be shown where to find the pebbles as he would like to take this game back to his children in England. The elder went into his hut and returned with a bag of uncut diamonds and offered it to the prospector. Imagine the Englishman’s surprise. They eventually settled on the exchange of a bag of tobacco for the bag of uncut diamonds. The English prospector returned to England and the diamond mining rush to southern Africa began soon thereafter.

Without the power of Wisdom we would not discern, be consciously aware, of the Divine truth in us, and the Divine good fully and freely available to us.

To have Wisdom is to be able to discern, evaluate and choose, make choices that are aligned with realization of Divine truth within, and the manifestation of Divine good without. We empower Wisdom to bless us when we take time daily to pause in the moment and to attune to Wisdom, to affirm we have all the Wisdom we need, to align our thoughts, feelings and words with Wisdom, and then apply Wisdom to the life experience before us. In this way the treasure of Divine Wisdom realizes in us, demonstrates through us and manifests its Divine good in our lives.

AFFIRMATION: I have all the Wisdom I need; I Am Wise in all I think, feel, speak and do. Wisdom empowers me to discern, evaluate and choose my Divine good.

Until next week, the bountiful blessing of Divine good to you.

Rev. Clive deLaporte