Celebration of Life

The idea of a Celebration of Life is to give loved ones time to cherish the character and beautiful qualities of the person who is no longer with them and a time to help the surviving family and friends to say goodbye and provide closure so they can begin the healing process. It's an end-of-life ceremony to help honor someone's life rather than remember their death. 

This celebration can vary based on the wishes of your loved one, their personality and interests. If they were an outdoors person, the grassy area around Peace Lake and the Bell Tower might be a place to celebrate.  If a more intimate setting is desired the peaceful meeting room with a view of Peace Lake is available. The kitchen area adjoining this space can be used for food prep or service.

view of peace lake

Celebration of Life  

  Overlooking Peace Lake 


 Covered Bell Tower Area







Celebration of Life for Rev Sam Stone  

Celebration of Life

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