History of Unity of Fort Myers

History of Unity of Fort Myers as a church

Buildings/Church in Fort Myers


Unity Church of Christianity had its beginnings in Fort Myers with the name being changed in the early 1990s to Unity of Fort Myers (UFM) making the name more universally appealing.​

UFM began as prayer groups in private homes and meeting rooms.


The congregation purchased property at the corner of Lafayette and Grand in downtown Fort Myers in 1989 and became a corporation under the State of FL March 15, 1993, receiving tax exempt status.​


11120 Ranchette Rd
Fort Myers, FL 33966

We purchased the 10 acre horse ranch from the Cail family in 1993, (including a 2-acre pond) .  We converted the house to a chapel which is still used for smaller gatherings.

Our gazebo was brought from the downtown site to this beautiful plot at the time of the relocation. The original house became our Chapel as the view is overlooking the “Peace Lake”. It is still utilized for meetings, classes and other celebratory smaller events and gatherings.​

The former pole barn at the rear of the property was transformed into a Montessori school around 2005. They vacated the property after about 10 years which is when that building became our Interim Sanctuary. With the new Sanctuary complete it then became Friendship Hall including our bookstore/gift shop called “The Higher Shelf” .

In 2016, when the permanent Sanctuary was built & opened, that building became our Friendship Hall where we enjoyed many celebrations and social gatherings. It also housed the Higher Shelf Bookstore and Gift Shop which caught fire Oct. 10. 2021. The structure was demolished exactly 1 year + 2 days later: Oct. 12, 2022.


We built a 400 seat sanctuary and opened it March 27 Easter Sunday.

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UFM has had nine ministers from 1947 to present.  Three of these ministers making significant impact:​

Rev. Anne Werner Rothschild, aka: the voice of “Betty Boop” (1951-60). Rev Anne purchased the 1st location downtown providing a permanent location and bequeathed a significant monetary sum to UFM after the passing of her last heir.​

Rev. Ken Micah Murdock (1988-2005) grew the congregation to over 200 members necessitating the movement to another location.​

Rev. Jim Rosemergy (2006-2017) raised the consciousness and again significantly grew the congregation to over 350 leaving his legacy as the new Sanctuary we enjoy today.​

Rev. Crystal Muldrow (Fall 2021 to present) arrived during the Covid crisis to serve an empty sanctuary and provide us with Sunday inspiration via Zoom. She has guided us through the fire of our Friendship Hall and Book store, which ultimately was torn down and 2 hurricanes. She continues to guide us with a mind set of peace and love for everyone, everywhere.

1890-1988 Era Rev. Alma Coleman

1951-1960 Rev. Anne Werner Rothschild

1988-2005 Rev. Ken Murdock
2005-2006 Rev. Nicholas & Carole Griffin, Transitional Ministers 
2006-2017 Rev. Jim Rosemergy
June 2017 - Dec. 2017 Rev. Nicholas & Carole Griffin, Transitional Ministers
Jan. 2018-Feb. 2019 Rev. Clive deLaporte
2019-2020 Rev Carla McClellan,Transitional Minister
2021-current Rev. Crystal Muldrow


Lafayette Church Building

first Unity of Fort Myers church location on Lafayette

Lafayette sanctuary

Lafayette people in front of church