Living Untethered with Christina Bowman

You are invited to join us in the Chapel or on Zoom for our discussion of Michael A, Singer's book, LIVING UNTETHERED: Beyond the Human Predicament which is being led by Licensed Unity Teacher, Christina Bowman.…

Meeting ID: 865 9861 2634
Passcode: 414852

This eight week course starts September 21, but you can join anytime.  Copies of the book is available in the bookstore.  

Now a New York Times bestseller!

Now more than ever, we're all looking to feel more joy, happiness, and deeper meaning in our lives. But are we looking in all the wrong places? When our sense of wholeness depends on things or people outside ourselves--whether it's a coveted job, a new house, a lavish vacation, or even a new relationship--sooner or later we're bound to feel unsatisfied. That's why we must look inside for real freedom, love, and inspiration. But how do we embark on this inner journey?

Living Untethered is the book to reach for. At once profoundly transcendent and powerfully practical, it provides clear guidance for moving beyond the thoughts, feelings, and habits that keep you stuck--so you can heal the pain of the past and let your spirit soar. On each page, you'll discover a deeper understanding of where your thoughts and emotions come from, and how they affect your natural energy flow. Finally, you'll find freedom from the psychological scars, or samskaras, that block you and keep you from reaching your highest potential.

Isn't it time you started Living Untethered?